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How to Find Illustrators by Location

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SCBWI has a section that gives writers the opportunity to peruse the portfolios of artists. However, I have to type in a name in order to see their work. Since I don't know any illustrators I'm unable to use this section. I would like to find an illustrator that lives in North Carolina. It seems like there must be a way to do this, but I have been unable to figure out how.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
#1 - October 24, 2022, 08:49 PM

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Hi Maureen,
On the home page, in Illustrator Gallery, you choose a region from the menu on the left. That should give you a selection of Illustrators only from the region you've chosen.
Best luck!
#2 - October 25, 2022, 04:11 AM
"Penelope and the Humongous Burp"
"Penelope and the Monsters"
"Penelope and the Preposterous Birthday Party"


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