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In 2017 the Blueboard got a new look!

This change wasn't for the sake of change only, though. It was to enhance the use of the board for everyone who uses a mobile device, while continuing to keep as much of the previous features of the Blueboard as possible for people who use desktop computers.

Your new board is fully responsive on phones and tablets. This means easier access to your favorite page without a lot of scrolling back and forth to read what's on your screen.

You can still see Only New Posts since your last visit, or All Unread Posts -- the links are just in a new place. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the board and you will find these links in a new, drop-down menu.

HINT: If New Posts since your last visit doesn't show any posts, click on All Unread Posts to bring them up.  This usually occurs when you access the board from different devices.

Access to your Profile (to change the look, features and preferences of the board) as well as your Privare Message area can be found in the same drop-down menu under your name.

NOTE: Private Messaging is not available to newer members of the Blueboard. Because this board is open to ANYONE on the internet, this is an important safety feature to keep spammers from joining the board and flooding the board members with spam messages.

This is the same reason new members to the board cannot see other members' profiles. It protects the members of the Blueboard from spammers who regularly join message boards in order to "harvest" email addies from other board members.

As of October, 2020, the Blueboard has 10 Moderators and 6 Administrators working tirelessly around the clock to keep this message board a safe, friendly place for everyone. These volunteers spend countless hours monitoring posts on the board, making sure the Blueboard stays free of spammers, flamitory and/or mean-spirited posts. Since its creation in 2003, the Blueboard has been known as one of the friendliest, most informative places on the internet for people interested in children's writing and illustrating to gather and share information. Your Blueboard Management Team is the secret to its success.

It is the fervent hope of SCBWI (the Society of Children's Book Writers  & Illustrators) and the entire Blueboard Management Team that your experiences on the Blueboard will leave you better informed about all aspects of children's writing and illustrating and that the friendships you create here will give you a lifetime of wonderful memories.
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Blueboard Problems? Use the Contact A Moderator link in the menu at the top of the message board.


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