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Welcome, members! Here's a summary of basic Blueboard rules.

1.  Be respectful.
If your post could offend, either revise or don’t post. We discuss ISSUES here, not people. You may post concerns about publishers and agencies as long as the posts cannot be considered defamation of character. Stick to facts, rather than judgment or snark.

2.  No political or religious discussions or statements.
You may post about writing or marketing these topics for kids, but not mention specific religious beliefs, political parties, issues, candidates, or office-holders.

3.  No double posts.
Do not post the same topic twice anywhere on the board. We will merge or remove double posts without notice.

4.  No solicitation.
We prohibit Kickstarter campaigns, Patreon and other fund solicitations, along with social media vote solicitation and requests for reviews and blurbs. These posts will be removed without notice.

5. Don't post the entire contents of a letter, email, or review, including rejections  from editors and agents.
Post a line or paraphrase, but do not reprint. This is a copyright issue.

In short—respect others, avoid posting inappropriately, and enjoy all the benefits of this message board. It's a caring, sharing, informative community!
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