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Sometimes the issue is betwixt your machine and the server. What is your DNS Server?

Many people use Google ( or or OpenDNS ( or , but if you are using a private DNS server sometimes the mappings get skewed.

On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Network .

Select the service you use to connect to the internet (such as Ethernet) in the list at the left.

You should be able to see the IP address for the DNS server here.

The icons are fine for me and I use Chrome on my MacBook.
Cache clearing did not work. I’m also seeing the issue in incognito mode on chrome as well as Safari on my iPhone.
The images look fine to me. I'm on a PC using Firefox.

Have you tried clearing your cache and restarting your laptop? I finally have a laptop that lets me keep a bazillion tabs open, but I had issues with broken links like in your screenshot before I switched to it. I'd have to close pretty much every tab down, clear out browser history, etc. to see images.

If that doesn't work, I'll see if anyone else has a suggestion.

Blueboard History, Hints & Tips / Image 404s - any techies here?
« Last post by Joni Halabi on Yesterday at 07:44 PM »
Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but most of the icons in the editor are loading as broken images. I remember seeing all of them (correctly) last week. Did someone accidentally delete a bunch of files off the server?

The URLs to the images give a 404 (file not found), so my environment is almost certainly irrelevant, but just in case, I'm on a Mac using Chrome (latest) with no extensions or ad blockers.
Contests and Challenges / Re: Astra International Picture Book Writing Contest
« Last post by mrh on October 25, 2021, 07:21 PM »
The contest was  on this Blueboard in January, so I assumed they're legit, but now I'm wondering ...

Paula, we aren't able to vet each individual post for legitimacy.

The thread linked above mainly pertains to being careful before you sign contracts, but in the beginning of the first post, Verla states that neither SCBWI nor the Blueboard endorse or vet anyone offering a service, prize, etc., other than for adherence to our general rules. It's on each individual to do their own research, always.

ETA: Here's a post specifically about vetting contests:

Just a note: Any member can post on the site. We do not vet all contests and other material posted. If the post was made by the SCBWI home office, it will have been vetted, but otherwise, do your research.

That said, thank you for the reminder about this. I had forgotten about my submission.
Now it says " at the end of October 2021..and the participants will be notified by email at that time."
Contests and Challenges / Re: Astra International Picture Book Writing Contest
« Last post by Pons on October 25, 2021, 09:55 AM »
 :curtsy  You're welcome.
(Sorry I don't have any useful information for you.)

Thanks, Laurel!
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