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The Color of Jesus

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Whew!  I just read this thread and was relieved to discover that "The Color of Jesus" wasn't the title of someone else's work.  I have a pb manuscript with this title that I've been subbing!  I won't go into the story details, but I just thought you all might get a laugh out of it.
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Just to confuse things:  The Ancient World was a mix of cultures and a lot of genes were floating around.  Yes, there are blond Jews, for instance.  Although I think we can safely assume that Jesus was not a blonde-haired blue-eyed Jew--because the Bible says his appearance was not particularly noteworthy--and that would have been, at least, unusual.  It's possible he had blue eyes, though.  It just wasn't worth mentioning. 
On the other hand, since he was outside in the sun speaking and traveling, what are the chances that he was pale?  He probably had at least medium-dark skin. 
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