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I understand about the green stars, but I haven't been able to find out about the other stars, either their color or their numbers (I looked in the sections where I thought I'd find that information and did a search). I thought they might have something to do with number of posts, but then I saw someone with three stars who had fewer posts than someone else with one star. Four stars seems to go with moderators...

I'm assuming they aren't just decorative.

So is there a guide somewhere? Purple, gold, red mean what? 1, 2, 3, 4, stars equals what?


#1 - October 12, 2014, 06:28 AM
Harold Underdown

The Purple Crayon, a children's book editor's site:

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Harold, some of the star numbers and colors have to do with how long a person has been a registered member of the board, some are based on the number of posts a person has and some indicate an SCBWI member is part of an online critique group created with access to a private critique board. The only "status stars" are the red stars for Administrators, the blue stars for Moderators and the green stars for SCBWI members. The rest of the colors are just there so that the Administrators and Moderators can tell at a glance if a person is a brand new member of the board who might benefit from extra guidance in finding the most effective area of the board to place new posts or if the person is a seasoned, long-time member of the board (like you) that is most likely very familiar with all of the areas of the board. They save the Blueboard management team a lot of time when working to keep this board a spam-free, flame-free, friendly place for everyone.

And speaking of green SCBWI stars, I see that you do not have your green regional star showing on your posts, Harold. That means you are not logged in correctly and might not be able to see all of your available SCBWI boards. Here are the instructions for logging in correctly (for SCBWI members only).
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