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Mentor Text Suggestions - NF/Informational

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Hi folks,

Does anyone have any mentor text suggestions for a nf or informational (not sure which yet) pb on 1) learning to go to the bathroom (this one is specifically about pee) and 2) aimed at slightly older kids who are struggling generally or intermittently with this?

My audience would be those kids who maybe feel like they stand out because their peers make it look easy. I plan to have some fun facts woven in, as well as basic suggestions and normalization of some of the common reasons people struggle with this.  This is for 5-8 years olds, not the cute early potty training books.

Any ideas? They don't need to be potty training/pee related. I'm looking for format and structure.  I would to aim for the specific audience that could use the support but be interesting for other kids too.

Just thought I would ask as I continue to mull over this.  Thanks!

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