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Help needed with Japanese visa/tax information while writing as a dependent.

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Hello, everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has experience or tips about selling stories as a dependent (in reference to working visa-related issues as well as taxes).
For example: Should I apply for the dependent part-time job permit even if I don't have any sales just in case? Would I need to fill in my taxes even if I earn as low as $50 in a whole year?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ooofff, I don't know. The two years we lived in Belgium, our taxes were highly complicated with me being paid in German DM and my husband in Belgium but with USD. We hired an accountant for those two years.

My gut feeling is that for small amounts, you wouldn't need to worry about it, because it wouldn't change the status (tax bracket). You should still declare it of course, and the publisher will send you a form that you'd need to fill out and they will send to the IRS.

I hope others living outside the US will be able to guide you better.
Good luck, Vijaya
#2 - June 13, 2016, 08:54 AM
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Thank you! =D I wish these kind of things were less confusing...

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Hi Maria,
I think you should consult accountants about this--both specific to the country you are in now, and your home country. But since this is also visa related, you might also speak with someone at your home country's embassy where you are located.
Good luck!
Holly Thompson
#4 - June 14, 2016, 05:46 PM
Holly Thompson
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Thank you! I was hoping someone in these Japan forums would know =)  I've searched and wasn't able to come up with anything specific.

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Maria, maybe if you'd retitle your thread something along the lines of Help needed with tax filing status in Japan you'd get some advice. Also, you could put this on the regular board, because I know for sure we have some folks who are now, or who have recently been, writing while living in Japan.
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Oh, I posted this under the Japan board so I assumed it would be obvious. My bad! I'll do as you say.

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