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Helpful Responses While Avoiding Self-Promotion

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We love when people with various backgrounds and experiences share their ideas with the rest of the community.  However, please refrain from 'selling' or promoting your own services at these moments.  Here's an example:

Good input:  Yes, I also had a similar experience and learned [insert your experience here].

Not-so-good input:  Yes, I agree and think you should look at this [service/book/seminar/etc that you started/created/taught]. 

The latter will often be removed from posts, with only the former type of information left alone.  There is a place and time for promotion (usually in promotion threads earmarked for such things) -- otherwise, we're all here together, simply sharing our experiences and our dreams. 

Caveat:  if someone is looking for recommendations that fit the service/book/seminar/etc that you're involved with, definitely share!

And keep in mind that too much self-promotion can sometimes have the opposite effect of what is intended and irritate people enough so that they AVOID your book or service rather than being interested enough to check it out. That's definitely a result no one wants to see! Instead, make sure you're utilizing your signature space to the best effect--the more helpful posts you make, the more people will see your book or service advertised in a POSITIVE way.Thank you!
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Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales:


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