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Book Talk / Re: Looking for a fantasy or similar MG series set!
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 06:59 AM »
Your nephew totally scored on having you as an aunt! :xmastree

Book Talk / Looking for a fantasy or similar MG series set!
« Last post by Christine B. on Today at 04:43 AM »
Hi everyone,

I feel that this has become an annual post...I am shopping for my ten year old nephew who loves to receive a box set of  a whole series. In the past I have given him/he has loved:

Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Chronicles of Prydain
The Hobbit

(And of course I've given him a million single titles, but for Christmas his favorite is when I give him a box set series and I don't want to disappoint!)

Book Talk / Re: Looking for non-angsty upper-MG or YA fantasy
« Last post by Debbie Vilardi on Yesterday at 06:44 PM »
My son has been reading Terry Pratchett's middle grade books. He also loved the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Tolkien. He's currently reading the  Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions series (might not be upper MG, but I don't know). He reads a lot of graphic novels as well--Star Wars, Pokemon, and anything else that sounds interesting. He's also read Sherlock Holmes, all of it. (He's 13 now, but he read them a couple of years ago.) The person who wrote the Warriors series (the one with the cats) has a bunch of series, some of which cross into YA. The House with the Clock in It's Walls was good too. I can't think of anything else recent and upper MG/YA. My son reads or rereads a book a day, mostly fantasy, so I'll ask him tomorrow.

Here are series I know he liked

Hunger Games
Harry Potter
Mysterious Benedict Society
Charlie Bone
Wrinkle in Time

And here's a link  found in a Google search There are some other lists that might help you if you search for Upper MG Fantasy. Be aware that some series age up in content as they go.
Yay Tori! :goldstar Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Congratulations!!  :truck
Book Talk / Re: Looking for non-angsty upper-MG or YA fantasy
« Last post by Vijaya on Yesterday at 03:34 PM »
I hear you. My kids were good readers too and they never cared for the typical teenage fare. Adventure was what they wanted.
Eoin Colfer's books. Loved Airman. Gordon Korman's Swindle. Alex Rider (James Patterson)--I've not read these yet.
Oh, and nonfiction on cars, aviation. We have quite a few in-depth biographies (these are adult books but my kids enjoyed them).
Book Talk / Looking for non-angsty upper-MG or YA fantasy
« Last post by Melissa K on Yesterday at 02:51 PM »
I have two nephews aged 11 and 12, both strong and avid readers, both lovers of fantasy. They're sort of ready to age up out of traditional MG territory. (Actually, the 12-year-old is happy with MG, but he's being pressured by teachers to pick books at a higher reading level. This makes me cringe, but he wants to please his teachers, so....)

Neither boy is ready for the more teenager-y angst and anger they're finding in a lot of YA novels. The 12-year-old specifically dislikes YAs with characters angry at their parents.

Anyway, I'm looking to buy a couple of books for each boy for Christmas, and I thought you folks would likely have some great recommendations. I'm okay with upper-MG or YA. Newer books would be best because both boys have read a lot of what's already out there that suits their interests. If you have a lot of ideas, all the better--I'd love to include a list of book recs along with the gift. 
What a great project to do with your kids. I love the sense of humor involved and your illustrations look quite professional. I like sparkles, too.  :star2 :star2
Translation / Re: SCBWI Work-In-Progress grants open to translators!
« Last post by zoraida-rivera on December 09, 2018, 07:11 PM »
That's great news, Avery. Thanks for sharing. 
Thanks Debbie & Vijaya! We are having way too much fun. The best part might be the business advice from my 7 year old - which she charges for.  :lol4
I'm a terrible sales person but we are almost out of our first print run (a whopping 15 comics!) And we even managed to sell one to a complete stranger. :yippee

Kudos to those of you choosing self-publishing as your path - it's hard & definitely not for me!
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Responding to acceptance? (Cricket Media)
« Last post by tracy-vonder-brink on December 08, 2018, 07:21 PM »
Hey Kelsey,

In my recent dealings with Spider you can return the signed document as a reply to the email you got with an attachment.

Congratz on the sale!


Yes, that’s what I’ve done too—and the editorial office is still in Chicago.


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