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Free webinar: How Do Picture Books Work? January 23

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Hi folks!

Eileen Robinson and I are broadcasting a Kid's Book Revisions webinar on January 23, in which we look at four different picture books (a classic, one with more text, a nonfiction title, and a "metafiction" PB) in order to lay out a theory about how picture books work.

Live seats have filled, but we plan to make a video recording of the webinar available soon afterwards. You can be notified about it and get a link to it by signing up for a special mailing list. There's a link to the sign-up page and more information about the webinar on the page about How Do Picture Books Work?.

Please let me know if you have any questions! And full disclosure: this webinar is set up partly as a preview of and prologue to our upcoming Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Manuscript webinar class, but it is entirely free-standing (as well as free).
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