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Hello Everyone,

I may be getting ridiculously ahead of myself here but I had a quick question about layout. I am planning a 32 page Coloured Ends picture book, and was considering having 3 fold out pages around half way through.
Is this something that publishers might find attractive or off-putting? I'm sure it depends at least in part of the reason for the pull out- in this case it would depict a scene from the outside and then from the inside when the pages are folded out.

Thanks for any info,

#1 - February 01, 2013, 02:29 PM

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I would not include the 3 fold out pages in the submission. This is very costly for the publisher, and they rarely change from the standard format. The need for the fold out pages in your sub may actually disqualify your sub from consideration (unless it is a novelty book, which is an entirely different genre all together, and would never have as many as 32 pages... generally speaking).

I would suggest creating a standard 32 page format, and add that the fold-out pages can be included as an option.
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Thanks SYoon! That makes sense, and the book isn't a novelty book so I'll drop the fold-outs for now. Thank you for the advice!
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