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Divergent is a YA dystopian thriller by Veronica Roth. It takes place in the future, where at the age of 16 you choose your fate forever. The world is divided into extremes, five factions that control your life. On her 16th birthday Beatrice must choose to stay with her family in the selfless section or move on to what her heart desires, the brave section. The choice she makes sets the stage for an upcoming revolution.

My Thoughts- I loved this book, read it straight through. Beatrice (Tris) is a well formed character, her thoughts and actions stay true and her feelings draw the reader into the story. The brutality of the Dauntless is juxtaposed with the kindness of the Abnegation. Two polar opposites Tris must learn to balance. The extremes of the different factions were so fun to read about, I couldn't even imagine trying to live within any of the five groups. The story is whole within itself and doesn't leave you hanging at the end. The fact that it is only book number one in a trilogy makes things sweet, because now you'll get to live through more of the character's ongoing struggles.

Romance is a strong subplot between Tris and Four. The love story evolves, intertwining with the main plot, and ending with a strong, heart felt twist. For the parent, this book does contain violence and fighting. The romance is sweet and does not include any sex or nudity. I didn't notice any strong language either. The book falls perfectly into the young adult realm, I'd suggest 12 and up, adults will love it too.

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