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Quite a few books critiqued here have been published, but I doubt we've been the only supports for any writer.
There are plenty of craft book that can act as a class and come from libraries, so look into those. (There is a thread for favorite craft books here somewhere.) I also subscribe to free newsletters: Children's Bookshelf (Published by Publisher's Weekly, to learn the industry) and the ICL newsletter (by the Institute for Children's Literature for some craft support and market listings). SCBWI's publications are also valuable.

The next step after writing is getting critique partners. You can post manuscripts in Online Critiques  and seek critique partners on these boards too. We all have blind spots in our own work. Others can help you spot and correct those. Read the stickies before posting.
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Publishing success of Blueboard-critiqued PBs
« Last post by mrh on Today at 04:45 PM »
is there anyone who only got critiques on their book from this site AND got it published? 

Solely? Probably not. Learning the craft and learning how to pursue publication (two separate things) are complex enough that almost all of us draw on multiple sources (classes, webinars, craft books, critique groups, beta readers, and more) and learn to harmonize the advice we get to maximize the benefit to our project. Most people develop relationships with a group or a few partners that they aim to make long term rather than relying *only* on one-offs.

Can a critique you get here help you improve your project significantly? Of course. Can a group or partner you find here grow into something long term that will eventually help lead one or both of you to publication? Definitely.

No one source, no matter how good, is likely to, or can promise to, get you there. If anyone does make such claims, run.
Same. Numerous rounds of edits with input from numerous sources.
The Blueboards are certainly a great place to start! My own picture book projects need numerous rounds of revision, so for me it helps to begin with big-picture input from a wide variety of writer friends. After that, I prefer to fine tune with a few trusted critique partners whose work and experience pairs well with my own. (Two of my long term critique partners are friends I met here many years ago.)

Also, I learned to revise my own work more effectively by  critiquing other writers’ work. It feels good to reciprocate, and also helps me spot similar issues and glitches in my own work. Win-win. :)
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Interested in hiring a consultant
« Last post by laura-shanley on Today at 12:32 PM »
Thanks, Debbie! I am giving this some thought. I do have two longer poems that could be books in and of themselves, so I am thinking about focusing on those for starters. And the same characters are in both. I looked into magazines a little, but was deterred by the $3 a line payments, as I have limited amount of poems at this point.
Picture Books (PB) / Publishing success of Blueboard-critiqued PBs
« Last post by Dj-Aj on Today at 11:50 AM »
I have not (so far) written a picture book, but I see a lot of them up for critique in the Online Critiques section of the Blueboard. I was just wondering out of idle curiosity ― is there anyone who only got critiques on their book from this site AND got it published? 
Hi, I'm looking for a middle grade critique partner.  My draft book is upper middle grade sci-fi, about a robotics-loving girl living on Mars 60 years in the future.  I'd be happy to team up and trade chapters with someone writing middle grade sci-fi or fantasy.  We could try out a couple chapters and see if it's a fit.  I can't message yet, but please email me at if you are interested.

Picture Books (PB) / Re: 5 OH Summer Conference
« Last post by RebeccaL-G on Today at 09:04 AM »
It is online.
Picture Books (PB) / 5 OH Summer Conference
« Last post by Trine on Yesterday at 11:20 PM »
Is the LA conference in person or online this year??   :help
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