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Minimum length?

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I know the initial thought is probably, "minimum length for picture books, what's you talking about?" But in all seriousness, is there any particular minimum word length for picture books?

I know I've seem some wordless picture books, just like I have for comics. But in my situation (because I hand write them first), my work tends to often average a little less than 500 words.

Maggie medicine average about 492 words.

I'm honestly more used to counting lines. :P
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These days, 500 is much closer to a maximum than to a minimum. It's not unheard of for a picture book to have fewer than 100 words.
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That's so reassuring. Maybe I can write picture books without hurting my wrist.:P
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There are quite a few wordless picture books on the market. Minimum length, 0 words.

Rule of thumb: Use as few words as you need to tell the story.
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