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FAQ list

Can I solicit or advertise here?

Under limited conditions.

For all members, we prohibit Kickstarter campaigns, Patreon and other fund solicitations, along with social media vote solicitation and requests for reviews and blurbs. These posts will be removed without notice.

Any member may share personal good news pertaining to their kidlit journey here:

Any other self-promotion is limited to SCBWI members on the SCBWI portion of the board. SCBWI members may advertise a business, service, or class that pertains to kitlit here: They may list work-for-hire or job opportunities here:

May I approach published members for industry help?

In general, no. Please don't cold-query published members for things like blurbs, mentorships, referrals to their agent, and so forth. You can learn a lot just by reading and interacting with posts they make on the Blueboard.

If a published member offers some sort of specific help or service in a Blueboard thread, and you fit any set parameters, you may of course inquire into that.

Can I find critique partners here?

Yes. Any registered member may look here to join or form critique groups/partnerships:

In addition, SCBWI members can request critiques right on the Blueboard at these links. Illustrators:  Writers:

May I have my book reviewed here?

In general, no. Occasionally, threads are posted that ask for book recommendations, especially on the Book Talk board, and you may mention books you recommend -- or don't. This means someone may or may not recommend your book, too -- of their own free will. But you may not *solicit* reviews for your own book on the Blueboard, or offer copies in exchange for a review, or offer reciprocal reviews. Such posts will be deleted without notice.

Can I remove board categories that don't interest me?

If you don't want to see certain sections of the board, click the Up Arrow(^) on the left side of the colored bar of the category name you wish to collapse. When the arrow points DOWN, all boards within that category will disappear. To expand the category, click on the plus sign (DOWN ARROW) and the boards will reappear.

Do I need to be a member of SCBWI to use the Blueboard?

No. Though SCBWI members are automatically registered for the Blueboard, and have some extra boards available to them as a perk of their membership, non-SCBWI members with a genuine interest in children's literature may register to join the Blueboard.