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I'm not sure what you mean by document. Are you talking about keeping a record for yourself or citing the guides as a source or something else?  To cite the Common Core State Standards (or any other standards document), treat it like any other source and use a Style Guide (Chicago or AP or whichever makes sense for your project) for guidance. Be consistent with whatever you use.

Author. "Title. of Section" Book pages (publishing info.)

You might also include a link and accessed date.
Print out the relevant information or cut and paste the information in a master document that has all your research notes, references, and links for the particular project.
Picture Books (PB) / New Children's Picture Book Story-TIME YouTube Channel
« Last post by justin-ford on September 19, 2022, 11:05 PM »
The YouTube Channel: “JustinTIME 4 StoryTIME” w Your favorite big brother Justin!

During the process of creating my new children’s picture-book entitled "I SEE ME" coming in October 2022 I became inspired and passionate on how I can do my part to really make a difference for children. Just as there is a lack of representation in the realm of children’s literacy there is an equal lack of representation in media for kids. Growing up we had amazing educational shows such as READING RAINBOW and even MR. ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD and this is how your new favorite big bro Justin was born.

This YouTube channel for kids will feature fun and diverse exciting story-times, positive affirmations, educational fun facts, sing-a-longs and so much MORE! Coming very soon!

I would love the opportunity to feature my fellow authors children's picture-books on this channel for FREE. Not only so we can assist in the promotion of the book but also to provide our children with literacy they can be a part of and see themselves in! I have attached my YOUTUBE channel trailer in the dropbox below! Check it out and if you would like your book considered for a FREE feature LET'S COLLABORATE :)

Feel free to find me on Instagram: @justinwrites4kids
Chapter Books, Easy Readers, and Middle Grade (MG) / Re: Reading Level
« Last post by Sara on September 14, 2022, 07:37 PM »
Erin, perhaps you were asking for site suggestions, but another really useful resource in the CHILDREN'S WRITER'S WORD BOOK. It lists common words and their synonyms by grade level.
That's what I'm thinking. I'll write the book I want to write and then see what an editor or, dream of dreams, an agent says about leveling it up or down!

Start with a critique group or post on the Blueboard for critique. You can also find critique partners through most SCBWI chapters or by posting here:
Picture Books (PB) / MOVED: Digital Dummy
« Last post by Debbie Vilardi on September 14, 2022, 06:17 PM »
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I think 13 is perfectly fine for a middle-grade protagonist. I was told that middle-grade kids like to read about protagonists that are a little older than themselves. They like to see themselves as older and not younger. My middle-grade novel has a lead that is 13 and two 10-year-old supporting characters.
Picture Books (PB) / MOVED: CANVA
« Last post by Vijaya on September 14, 2022, 10:37 AM »
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