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FAQ list

No Solicitation or Advertising of a Business is allowed on the Boards unless you have been a member in good standing for at least two consecutive years with at least 100 posts AND have gotten permission to post your message/s with one of the Administrators of this board. 

This forum doesn't exist to provide free ad space--it's here for people with a serious interest in writing and illustrating children's books and literature. This isn't Craig's List or eBay, and we can't check out each business that wants to advertise here and make sure it's legitimate.  Therefore, only people who have been members here (in good standing) for at least two years may advertise their services on this board, and only with the approval of Verla or an administrator; we also reserve the right to ask you to edit such posts.  Please note that approval will in no way be considered an endorsement of such services. We will not endorse any services offered by any members of this forum.

Advertising goods and services in the SCBWI areas is also restricted: the goal is to provide education and camaraderie to writers and illustrators, not free ad space.

You may advertise on the Blueboard if:
1. You have been either a current SCBWI member or a current Blueboard member for at least two consecutive years AND
2. You have made at least a hundred (100) contributory posts (i.e., posts that contribute substance to conversations, not just offer congratulations or say "me too!") AND
3. You have received permission from an Administrator.

Advertisements of any kind made by members who do not meet these criteria will be removed without notice.

Thank you for helping keep the Blueboards a supportive, informational, spam-free place!

For members who qualify: please keep your posts advertising your services short.  We prefer you post a link to your webpage rather than including all details here, and request that you PM Verla or an Administrator before posting.

1.  Anyone can post in the Kidlit Good News sections about their agent news, book (short story, magazine article, illustrating, etc) sales, professional journal reviews, movie/TV options, major awards, etc -- as long as your profile shows you have more than 5 quality posts elsewhere in our community.  (This ensures that you know some people here and will have others to celebrate with as you post your exciting news.) Try to keep your good news about celebrating rather than encouraging others to 'check out' or buy your book. Those types of posts belong in Promo rather than Kidlit Good News.

2.  Anyone can post in the Promotional News (book covers, book launches, contest wins, blogger reviews, finishing a draft, book giveaways, etc).  New members must have at least five quality posts before using this board. This board will be purged periodically.

3.  Anyone can post in the Other Good News (anything which doesn't fit into the other two threads, including adult writing news).  This board will be purged periodically.

4.  All book promos and giveaways go in Promotional News (and will be moved there if posted elsewhere).

5.  Please choose one place to post rather than double posting (we will delete one of the duplicate threads without notice).

6.  We're excited about your good news, and we'd love to see you celebrate with our community!

Posting a public review of a book they've honestly enjoyed is one of the best ways readers can support authors they like and admire. However, we ask that no one come here and request reviews for their books, offer review copies in exchange for a review, or offer reciprocal reviews. Remember that the Blueboard is a community for sharing knowledge, celebrating accomplishments, and commiserating over difficulties rather than a place to advertise, promote, and publicize. Posts which request reviews will be deleted without notice.