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Title: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Dani Duck on August 29, 2011, 08:14 AM
I'm getting to the place where I'm going to need a website for my Children's Illustration portfolio. I know there are a lot of places out there that offer hosting for little or no money. I'd like something I can customize and easy to set up.  I don' t like the idea of having a place that looks like a web store, or a place that has ads. I know of a good place for a flash portfolio, but I can't seem to find anything for non flash. I've heard it's better to have a non-flash site, but I don't know if that's changed. What's worked for those of you who have a website?
Title: Re: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Julia K. on August 29, 2011, 06:59 PM
First off- back search the blue boards there is a lot of advise on website design and online portfolios
Second- search for illustrator sights- through these boards, SCBWI site or one of the Sourcebook sites like Picturebook, Childrens Illustrators,Directory of Illustrations- etc- they all have online book and links to their illustrators personal websites.
Start bookmarking the online portfolios you like- Pick out the components you want on yours- color scheme- layout out, etc.
Online portfolios are mainly for Art Directors- they want something fast that they can get your portfolio quickly- Flash is something that might be good for a dedicated book website- but dont recommend it for online portfolio.
I do my website hosting through yahoo small business- but there are lot of hosts- I use Serif Webplus X4 for my web design software- no HTML
can do Abode- but way more expensive- and the Serif does everything needed for a Simple website.
You can attach a blog to your website- keep the website clean and then have fun with the blog.
Hope that help.
Title: Re: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Enigmainthemist on August 29, 2011, 11:13 PM
You can make a free webpage using google sites and it is vary easy to use.
Title: Re: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Cynthia Kremsner on August 30, 2011, 09:49 PM
I've noticed more illustrators using a basic site, or a blog and having a link to their portfolio which is set up in a photo gallery, such as Flickr, Snapfish or Picasaweb. It's intrigued me as I've been contemplating having my blog be the entry page as well. It makes a bit of sense as my blog gets considerably more traffic than my website. The photo galleries are easy to peruse and the blog pretty much eliminates the need for an "about" link/page.

It seems a simple and effective way to set things up.
Title: Re: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Dani Duck on September 05, 2011, 11:47 AM
Right now all my artwork is housed on my blog. It's an okay way to do things, but I would eventually like something that looks more like a Portfolio Website. I use blogger and I can upload as many photos as I want to it without it being a problem (I haven't seen any limits yet and I've literally put hundreds of pics up). Even though I have a working blog, I don't think I want my blog as my portfolio website. I do like the idea of having a link to it though.

I know how I want to set my website up, but I hate doing the HTML. I can suck it up and do it, but I'm not skilled enough in it that it wont take me a long time to do so. I'll look up Serif Webplus 4X and the google website maker. I sort of have access to adobe, but I have to travel too far just to use it an even then I don't always have full access.

I'm also working on looking up more artists websites for ideas and to see their hosts. I don't have a lot of money to spend on these things. I should actually say I have the money to spend, but I don't want to spend money until I know something is vital and will be worth spending money on. Time is something I don't have much of either (or I'd be posting a ton more everywhere). So if anyone has more suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. 
Title: Re: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Dani Duck on September 05, 2011, 11:26 PM
So checked out Google Sites. Will work for what I need right now. Still working on adding things to the portfolio. I will likely remove the Fine Art area eventually, but need it for a job I'm applying to. Right now I just have the thumbnails up.  I will post the larger images tomorrow sometime (takes a bit of work when I want them approximately the same size!). If there are any images you think I should remove please let me know. Just keep in mind that I don't have much to replace them with at this time. The website is here: Thank you.
Title: Re: Portfolio Web Sites
Post by: Cynthia Kremsner on September 06, 2011, 04:16 PM
Hi Dani, 

It's great that you are getting to work on your website. I agree with you about the images needing to expand a bit larger once you click on them. A couple of things to consider, I see you've got the site divided into digital/traditional, but another thought is to consider what age group/genre of books you would like to illustrate. A lot of your digital pieces seem appropriate for a younger audience and most of your traditional pieces are for older children. It's okay to have up to two different styles, but organizing the pieces with the younger kids/older kids in consecutive order might help. The bottom of the webpage has a "Print Page" tab . . . which is something that can be omitted I believe.

 It's also helpful to think of the characters you are illustrating as if they are in a story, and with that, render the same characters in three scenes with different emotions and perspectives to show your storytelling abilities.  If you have determined the style you would most like to work in, carve out what you may not want to do. Since I first put my site up, I've only got three of the original pieces I started it with . . . always working on craft and willing to let some of the older works go.