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Picture Books (PB) / Re: #PITMAD and #PBPITCH
« Last post by Schriscoe on Today at 02:26 AM »
I also just wanted to put a plug in for #PBPARTY. I am a cohost along with Michelle Hauck on it. We are possibly looking to do a contest in March/April. We allow 250 entries (timing for it to fill can vary from a few minutes to a few days), then we pick 25 (sometimes a few more) of our top picks to go on Michelle's blog for a nice list of agents to read and make requests. The agents are all legit, and very well respected in the kidlit world.

Be on the lookout for details to it. I'll place them on the boards, and Michelle will be tweeting about it.

Picture Books (PB) / Re: #PITMAD and #PBPITCH
« Last post by Teresa Writes! on Yesterday at 08:53 PM »
I just want to add that even if you chose not to pitch something, these events are a ton of fun to follow. You can retweet pitches you like, and it can be a fun way to "meet" new writers.
Middle Grade (MG) / Re: Sideways Stories
« Last post by Debbie Vilardi on Yesterday at 08:17 PM »
My son read them around third grade. I think they are solidly middle grade, maybe a little toward the lower end.
Picture Books (PB) / Re: #PITMAD and #PBPITCH
« Last post by Debbie Vilardi on Yesterday at 08:15 PM »
I do PBPitch as a lark. It's interesting to go through and see what, if anything, gets a like. I got one like and one rejection. It was lovely and constructive in a vague way. (The agent had no idea what might work to solve the problem. The problem was she feels the manuscript is missing something but she can't point to what. I can't either, but maybe someday I'll know.) Here's the thing, it only takes one agent to love your work. If it's the right agent, that is. So I look at what got a like and see if I can figure out why. But I also know a pitch is not a manuscript. I still need spectacular manuscripts. And I can still make a traditional pitch to folks who don't like my twitter pitch if I want to. I hope this helps.
Julia, if you aren't an illustrator, all you need is the manuscript. Anyone asking for art is looking for author/illustrators. You can send a manuscript that is paginated the way you envision the book, but you do that by writing the page numbers or separating the text with blank lines.
Middle Grade (MG) / Re: Sideways Stories
« Last post by Vijaya on Yesterday at 01:19 PM »
My kids loved the Sideways stories starting in kindergarten and up through 4th grade. They were most popular around grade 1-2.
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Legal question about topic for picture book
« Last post by julia-chiang on Yesterday at 01:10 PM »
Thank you guys so very much! :)
Promotional News / Re: New Writing Prompt book just released
« Last post by Schriscoe on Yesterday at 12:04 PM »
Congrats, Teresa!
Middle Grade (MG) / Sideways Stories
« Last post by Gatz on Yesterday at 11:46 AM »
Hi, everyone,

I'm working on a book of stories somewhat similar in form (but not content) to Louis Sachar's Sideways Stories at Wayside School.

Does anyone familiar with this book have a sense of the range in ages of children who (probably) enjoy this book?

Promotional News / New Writing Prompt book just released
« Last post by teresa-klepinger on Yesterday at 11:18 AM »
My second writing prompt book, "Story-Writing Sandwich Prompts,"  was just released with Scholastic Teaching Resources. If you know any elementary or middle school kids who love to write, it's perfect for them, even if it's marketed to the teachers.
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