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Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: Millbrook Open Submission
« Last post by Schriscoe on Today at 02:07 AM »
Anyone heard anything? The 31 st is fast approaching!  :stars3 :clover :goodluck
PAL Book Promotion / Re: Cover Reveal for 'Precious Baby'
« Last post by Ev on Yesterday at 07:42 PM »
Looks wonderful, Della!! I'm so excited for you!  :stars3
Poetry / Seeking individuals for a new poetry critique group
« Last post by joseph-biernacki on Yesterday at 05:48 PM »

Dear SCBWI Members:

I am presently seeking individuals that would like to form a new structured critique group focused on writing poetry and picture books in verse.  Though I have been an SCBWI member for about two years, I just discovered Blueboard a few weeks ago.  I am a university professor by day and children’s poet by night and am hoping to find at least a few dedicated individuals that seek to improve their art and publish their work and who would actively participate in ongoing writing and critique.

Joe Biernacki.
Illustrating / Re: Illustration for a hot sauce logo?
« Last post by Wendy Martin on Yesterday at 07:28 AM »
Your price range sounds fine for a mom&pop operation. Logos are general all rights transferred, so bear that in mind when you write up the contract. I've usually put a time limit on mine for a renewal option, but in practice haven ever sent a renewal fee contract to the few businesses that were still in operation after the term ran out. (FWIW after creating logos since the 90s there were only 2 that were still in business at the option date.) If you want to specify the logo you create is only for hot sauces and the terms must be renegotiated when he branches out, you can do that as well. That way if, on the odd chance, his business takes off and becomes a huge success, you can benefit from that occurrence. Chances are, he'd want to update the logo at that time any way. Good luck.
Kidlit Good News / Re: My first YA novel--BOUND--is now out!!! Squeee!!!
« Last post by agulati on July 21, 2018, 09:22 AM »
Just saw this, Vijaya.  :congratulations and best of luck!!!
Kidlit Good News / Re: My first YA novel--BOUND--is now out!!! Squeee!!!
« Last post by Vijaya on July 21, 2018, 06:07 AM »
:thankyou  Claudine. Happy reading. 
Just bought it.  :running
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Picture Book Dummy Format as Author/Illustrator
« Last post by marla-lesage on July 20, 2018, 04:42 AM »
I put the text in the dummy. Depending on the publishers submission guidelines I may or may not include the text as a manuscript as well.
Good Luck with your submissions!
Thank you both so much for your responses. Now I'll  get this thing finished up and sent out.
I am not an illustrator but my understanding is that a dummy would contain what would be in the book but without finished art except on a spread or two. The other pages would be sketched. Often the manuscript is submitted separately with the dummy in manuscript format.
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