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Magazines & Ezines / question about FACES submission
« Last post by Gbug on Today at 10:17 AM »
The FACES submission guidelines lists out what to include, but doesn't say whether or not they prefer it all in the body of the email, or as an attachment. Does anyone have information about this?  I've read of places that will just delete your email if it comes with unwanted attachments. I have a query, outline, and whatnot almost ready to go, and worked way too hard on this to throw it all away by sending it incorrectly! 

Thanks in advance!
Yay, Christine! Board books are so fun!

I agree with all that's been said by Vijaya, Karen, and Debbie. Like Karen, I suggest putting illustration instructions in brackets [italics, too, just to make them stand out even more]. And while my board book experience has been with an educational publisher, I do know of other houses who accept unsolicited subs (Blue Manatee Press first comes to mind).

Best wishes!!!

Carrots, I appreciate how you confirmed the words of others and also shared from your experience.  Mentioning a press that does take unsolicited manuscripts as well is very helpful. Thank you.

          ~ Becky
Good gracious, I can't believe I forgot to post here; I blame summer laziness and :vacation but I am thrilled to be offering 3 workshops at the Write 2 Ignite conference on the NGU campus in Tigerville Sept. 20-21st.

Topics: Writing Memoir for Children (Techniques); Writing the Most Important Story (Being a Witness); Writing a Controversial Book.

Then the following weekend (Sept. 27-29), I will offer Writing Memoir for Children in Charlotte, NC

It's really not too late to register. Come!
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Magazine Market for Poetry
« Last post by Vijaya on August 20, 2019, 05:27 PM »
Gbug, a poem about the qualities of wind, how they make you feel, or an observation, are all NF. I've written about April Snow--cherry blossoms. The illustrator painted such a beautiful scene to go with the three-line poem. I've yet to see my poem about Stars and Meteors in print. My suggestion is to keep it tightly focused, just like short-short stories. Good luck!
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Magazine Market for Poetry
« Last post by Gbug on August 20, 2019, 12:37 PM »
We get Highlights HF so I will have to try to find it. That issue has to be around our house somewhere! 
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Magazine Market for Poetry
« Last post by Hopeful on August 20, 2019, 12:12 PM »
If you have a look at the June 2019 issue of Highlights High Five, you will find a poem called "Sparkling Maps."  It's a nonfiction poem about constellations.  That's one example which you should be able to find at either your local library or on the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble.
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Magazine Market for Poetry
« Last post by Gbug on August 20, 2019, 10:34 AM »
Thanks Ev!!
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Magazine Market for Poetry
« Last post by Ev on August 20, 2019, 08:55 AM »
Gbug, here are a few possibilities you might want to check. It's been a while since I checked them out in detail and I don't even promise  they publish poetry, but my recollection is that they do. I haven't published with any of them myself, so I'm not endorsing them. You can find their links on my Children's Magazines page on my website, and in some cases, interviews with the editors-- If you browse through the lists on that page you can probably find a bunch of other possibilities.

Balloons Literary Journal
The Caterpillar
Kid's Imagination Train
Root & Star

As for NF poetry, when I mentioned it, I was referring to poetry that provides the child factual information about a topic.  For example, I had a poem about homing pigeons published in Boy's Quest (formerly a companion mag to Fun For Kidz) and she even used it again later as a reprint. Not every line of it was strictly NF, but that's the kind of poem I meant when I said FFK might publish a NF poem.
Research / Re: Character Naming Research Help Needed
« Last post by Pons on August 20, 2019, 08:01 AM »
Hi, Michelle. I just took your survey, but I cannot answer question eight, so the survey wouldn't post. I tried with question eight, but I really cannot separate naming characteristics and list them in order of importance. It is too organic a process for me, and the importance of certain characteristics sometimes varies with the character being named.
Magazines & Ezines / Re: Magazine Market for Poetry
« Last post by Gbug on August 20, 2019, 07:52 AM »
I would definitely consider online and non-paying if it's a publication that's reputable. The only one I won't do is Bumples because they used one of my poems and never paid me for it. She made it sound like she used it by accident--still should have been paid. It was weird and I won't do that again.

Question---I'm struggling to picture a NF poem. Like if you write a poem about the wind...what makes it NF as opposed to fiction?  Wind is inherently nonfiction, but the telling of it could be fiction. I guess if it involves a person or telling something from the POV of a person, then it would be fiction. Can someone tell me an example of a NF poem?
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