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Are you using a traditional publisher or self publishing?
How do I find an artist for chapter illustrations for a MG mystery?
Agreeing with the others: a 6-month wait is around the minimum I've seen on my subs. I looked back at one of my longer waits, and it was only 10 months, not the 12-13 that Jayca waited!

Based on how many submissions they receive, especially as other magazines have folded across the years, I think they are intentionally very guarded about their contact information.  Hopefully they'll get back to you with good news.
Congratulations to SCBWI translator member Emily Balistrieri (Japan), who was interviewed by translator member Nanette McGuinness (San Francisco North and East Bay) in June 2020 for SCBWI: The Blog! Cross-posted with permission at the SCBWI Japan Translation Group blog.


Avery Udagawa
Int'l/Japan TC
Hi! Need 15 minutes of inspiration?

Acclaimed children's and YA translator Cathy Hirano, together with author Nahoko Uehashi, spoke movingly in the American Library Association's 2020 Printz Virtual Ceremony on 29 June. Check out the video!

Very best,
Avery Udagawa
Int'l/Japan TC

Here is some timely viewing for anyone interested in world kidlit: a 2 June 2020 conversation between children's literary translators Daniel Hahn and Lawrence Schimel (SCBWI Spain), moderated by Lyn Miller-Lachmann (Metro NY), exploring both realities in the field and some connections with anti-racism.

Translating the Future: Children's Literature in Translation
Video (1:02:40) -
Event details - cosponsored by PEN America, The Center for the Humanities at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the NY Public Library

Some takeaways:
“Very [few] books get translated in general, [and] very few writers of color get translated into English.” L Schimel

L Schimel commits to translating a POC writer every year. 34:45

“I think this is one of the biggest dangers of us not having enough translated books from all around the world, is we normalize those absences . . .” L Schimel

“One of the things that we also get [when children’s translations get published] is the celebration of lives all over the place . . .” D Hahn

Some other cultures are less paternalistic toward children, in terms of including more “mature” or "political" content that nonetheless merits discussion. L Schimel, D Hahn

Very best,
Avery Udagawa
Int'l/Japan TC
Translation / Re: World Kid Lit Month
« Last post by avery-udagawa on July 05, 2020, 09:47 PM »
Thank you for posting about World Kid Lit Month, Lawrence!

The list Lawrence mentioned is now UP at the official site:

This is a great link to send to people who are looking to globalize their children's literature diet!

 Do you mean you submitted your piece in February of 2019?  That would indeed be a long time.  However, if you mean only February 2020, then that's nothing for a response from Cricket Media.  Was the submission for one of their posted themes?  If so, you should likely expect a reply sooner than for a general submission.  My experience with Cricket Media magazines is that the only thing meaningful regarding one's Submittable status is Received, Rejected, or Accepted.  That is, things don't always get moved to In-Progress with them.  Sit tight.  If your piece hasn't been rejected, you can be certain that it's still in the running.
Hi Jessica, FWIW,  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve waited 12-13 months on a sub to the cricket mags...just so you know yours may be under consideration (or they might not have gotten to it yet). Fingers crossed for you!
I have a submission that I sent to Spider a lonnnnnng time ago (February). The status has not changed in Submittable, though I have received rejections for other Cricket Media submissions. Does anyone have a contact there so I can check in on it?

Jessica Whipple
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