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women in film

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This was an eye-opening post in John August's blog today. (I pimp this guy's blog a lot, don't I? It's one of the few screenwriting related things I read every week).

Anyway, it's about women in film or lack of women, rather. If you click on the Bechdel video (even if the theory is sort of flawed) and watch the movies run by, you'll be amazed. Food for thought.
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I think that in alot of cases people are so accustomed to the types of images, stories and heroes they're seeing on the screen that they don't even realize how lopsided those stories and images are. You might be interested in checking out the Women and Hollywood blog where the lack of strong female characters in front of the camera and female directors and screenwriters behind the scenes is the chief topic. The Hollywood default, whether we're talking about whose story is being told or who is telling it, is still overwhelmingly male.

Geena Davis has been an amazing advocate for gender equality on TV and in film.

A snippet from the above article: "in a world more than 50 percent female — the sorry message sent to kids by the media is that women and girls have less value than men and boys. For every female character there are three male characters in G-rated films. In group scenes, fewer than one in five characters are female...Our research also revealed that when female characters do exist in media, most are highly stereotyped and/or hyper-sexualized. Consider this: Female characters in G-rated films wear virtually the same amount of sexually revealing clothing as female characters in R-rated films."
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Great websites, C.K., thanks!  :trench

For every female character there are three male characters in G-rated films. In group scenes, fewer than one in five characters are female...

Oh, see I thought all those extra male characters in G-rated films were because someone needs to be the "dopey" one or the "clueless" one and it's usually a male because we all know a girl wouldn't act like that. Oops... did I say that out loud? Kidding, kidding... sort of (?)
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Way back in the day, wasn't it customary in the theatre for female roles to be played by men? At least we get to play ourselves now, lol. Dustin Hoffman made one ugly chick.
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