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Non-Fiction "How to Book" photographs for book?

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I am working on a couple of ideas for "how to" type of non-fiction books.   They would need to have photographs of the projects to go along with the book.  Is that something that the author of this type of book would normally supply along with the manuscript, or not?   If so, what sort of resolution, size, etc. would I need to have these photographs taken with? I have sold some "how to" articles to magazines in the past, and in that case I sent the items and they photographed them.  Some of my ideas this time would use live animals or plants and so sending them would not work.  I have several books on writing non-fiction but they have not addressed this question.   Thank you for help on this question.

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All my books have beautiful professional photographs. I think unless you are a professional, don't bother with pictures. I have included rough sketches or photos of the sort I'd want (as well as illustration notes at times) for some of my books because sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words.

If you are a professional photographer as well, you could include a few high quality photographs in the proposal to show what is available, but leave the door open for the publisher to use their own staff or professional photographer.

On a funny note, the very first PB that I submitted was about my son and our cat growing up together. I spent a lot of time making these beautiful dummies and in my cover letter said they are free to use illustrations based upon my pictures, etc. etc. Needless to say, all 5-6 publishers that I sent the dummies to rejected my manuscript, but they were so kind to me, saying my baby and kitty were cute, that I had a nice story.

Good luck, Vijaya

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