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Need expert editorial sources for “publishing in classroom magazines” article

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I am on freelance assignment to The Writer’s Bookstore (, to create a piece on “classroom magazines” for their 2013 Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers. The piece will need comment (to be gathered by e-interview) from about half a dozen editors with experience in that topic area.

Whom can you recommend I contact? I have already asked most of my direct network, and what “classroom magazines” I could find editorial addresses for, to very little response. And I really need to collect an article’s worth of material within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you,
Katherine Swarts

1.   What sorts of magazines are most popular in classrooms these days? What percentage of material used is fiction? What percentage is puzzles and other fillers?
2.   What differentiates a “classroom magazine” from a “trade magazine”? Are there any crossovers?
3.   What topics are most popular in classroom magazines? What topics would editors like to see more of?
4.   How do you think the e-publishing revolution has affected/will affect the use of magazines in the classroom? How has the economy affected it?
5.   What is your best piece of advice for the author wanting to write for a classroom magazine?
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