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SCBWI Translation listserv launched!

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SCBWI has launched a new email listserv, SCBWI Translation, for all member translators!

Members who select Translator in their profiles are eligible to join. This listserv is for all member translators, all language pairs. Author and illustrators who translate are warmly welcomed.

If you have selected/added Translator in your profile but not received a listserv invitation, please contact me: itc(at)

Here is the listserv description:

The SCBWI Translation listserv is for SCBWI member translators working in all languages. The listserv is a forum for conversation about drafting, revising, and publishing books in translation for children/teens. Topics may also include competitions and other professional development opportunities. Members should have current membership in SCBWI and select Translator under Professional Roles in their profiles at the SCBWI website ( SCBWI leaders who support translation may also ask to join.

If you translate for children, please join the SCBWI Translation listserv!

All best,

Avery Fischer Udagawa
International Translator Coordinator
#1 - November 13, 2014, 06:01 PM


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