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New children's book self-publishing platform

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Hi Everyone,
              I'm building a platform dedicated to self-publishing children's books with an emphasis on creating personalized children's books.  (Here is an example of one that we created: 
My goal is to publish about 10 books using this I'm looking for Authors, Illustrators & Author-illustrators to work with me and let me help you self-publish using my platform.

I will not charge for any services but take a 15% cut from each book sold on this platform (to keep the infrastructure running).

Why am I not charging for the services?--Because the software is still in a prototype phase and I plan to collect your feedback as you go through this process to make into a top notch product for every who wants to self-publish.

There is only 1 Requirement that you have to meet--Your illustrations must be digital and in 3-D.

Happy to chat with anyone who is interested.  Please send me a message and I will reach out to you.

Thank you :)
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