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Hi, everyone. I'm eager to get to know everyone, and tickled that Verla Kay set the board up.

I am Donna J. from Ohio. I am old (don't ask!) but new to the writing world and having a ball. I wrote inspirational articles, and was blessed to have some published before this new endeavor.

Recently I stuck my toe into the children's writing water, and it is glorious and refreshing. I pray I can 'dunk' myself soon!

I write poetry (rhyming - oh, no!) and short children's stories. I was a regular over on 'old yeller,' but mostly lurking until I got accustomed to the water temperature.  ;D

So, I'm in waist deep now, and feeling lonely out here, so jump in and tell me and everyone else about yourself!

Thanks- Donna J.

#1 - September 01, 2003, 11:14 AM
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Hi everyone!

I used my usual handle for my id on here so most would know me from chat - but maybe I should have stayed annonamous and created a whole new personna, something wild and crazy Oh well, that would be too much of a stretch for me. :)

I'm Gloria and I live in Canada. I write mostly pbs/mid grades but am currently having success selling non-fiction to magazines (mostly Canadian history).

I'm married with three boys. I volunteer lots, fight school boards, and try to write everyday. I also scrapbook.
I am often busy supervising homework in the evenings so haven't been to chat as often as I'd like so this new board is great. I can pop in anytime I want and catch up with everybody.

Thanks Verla - the ever caring, mentoring, terrific person you are is very much appreciated.

#2 - September 01, 2003, 11:21 AM


 ;DHi,  I'm new at using the boards, I think I may have posted once on the yella board, i do know lots of the folks that post here from various lists and personal contact.  (Waving at Verla!  Hey!!)  I'm fairly shy and tend to lurk.

Alessia Cowee

Oh and I write for kids and adults, but kids books/stories are my passion.
#3 - September 01, 2003, 11:21 AM


Hi Everyone!  I'm Maggie and I live in a city called Maple Ridge on the west coast of Canada.  I belong to CW, picture-books and Scribble & Scribe lists in addition to about a million (I have a tendency to over estimate) pot bellied pig lists.  

I write stories for adults & children, picture books, poems and also do corporate writing.  I have a multitude of pig stories all published in one newspaper in Columbus, Ohio written from the trotters of my pet pig, Binki.  And that's all that's been published.  I've been writing stories and poems to my groups on the net for seven years and recently decided to try and find a publisher for some of them.

I mostly lurk on all the lists now, but leap in once in awhile to post a comment or two.  

I like being in on the ground floor of a new chat list and I'm hoping to make some great friends here.  Thanks for setting this up, Verla.  You are one of the most supportive writers I've noticed since I started becoming involved in the online writing community and I appreciate your generosity in sharing what you can.  You should know... when I went to the library and asked the children's librarian for recommended reading your books were among the top ten.  I especially enjoyed "Gold Fever" and was amazed how you told such a great tale with so few words!

I'm the mother of 4 boys, grandmother to 8 girls and share my life with my husband Bob, my two toy poodles (Prozac & Valium) and a pot bellied pig named Binki.  

I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you.

Maggie   8)
#4 - September 01, 2003, 11:50 AM


Heyas, gang!  For those that don't know me, I'm Douglas, the guy that actually installed the boards, the guy that owns the chat server that ya'll use AND Verla's web host type guy.

I'm not an Author (though I have been told I have an overactive imagination, so I suppose that could qualify me right there).  I'm into building web sites and database administration/repair/recovery type stuff.

I'm not married, however, I have celebrated three years with my girlfriend (and her lovely daughter) last month.

#5 - September 01, 2003, 01:02 PM


Wow!  Douglas, congratulations!  Thanks for all your hard work, this board is terrific! (also, alas, a great distraction, lol)  Okay, I've got to get back to work!!

Nice to meet you!!  Who knows, maybe the bug will bite you and you'll decide to try your hand as a children's writer! ;)

#6 - September 01, 2003, 01:32 PM

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 ::) Hi Everyone,

I'm KatyD.  Some of you might know me from the yella board too.  I don't post often, but I'm there checking on what's up as often as possible.  And I'm on the CW List.  Now I have another board with which to procrastinate!

My first pb, Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows, (illus. Steve Gray) was released this spring by Rising Moon Children's Books.  I have also sold many stories and articles to children's magazines and recently had an essay accepted by Family Fun Magazine.

I'm looking forward to visiting with you guys!
#7 - September 01, 2003, 02:25 PM
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Many already know me from my blabbing on Yella, CW, Verla's chat and a few other places :P

My name is Agy Wilson, I write just about everything and illustrate as well. Just wanted to say hey, and thanks Verla and your administrator for putting this board together!

Thanks, I was going through withdrawal!
#8 - September 01, 2003, 03:25 PM


Hi, I am so glad to have a board again!

I know some of you from Yella and some from Verla's chat.  I post as KateIam since I discovered there were already a Kate and an OhioKate posting on the CW, yellow, and the cafe.

I write pb and emergents, as of today I am unpublished, but I am hopeful every day at the mailbox.

I am a stay at home mom with a small, but hectic, candle business.  I currently reside in rural Ohio but have lived in CA, TX and Japan thanks to the Navy.

Thanks a million Verla!!!

#9 - September 01, 2003, 03:50 PM

laser braids

Hi, I'm Sarah, another Yellaboard regular who hasn't known what to do with herself lately!

I write and illustrate picture books. That is, I want to write and illustrate picture books.
#10 - September 01, 2003, 04:05 PM


Hi everyone, I'm Sian

I am a newbie New Zealand writer (writing seriously for two years) and a lurker on CW, although I do pop up every now and again.

So far I am unpublished, but am getting some nice comments and requests to see more of my work by editors.  Also, only last week I was fortunate enough to make the NZSA (New Zealand Society of Authors) assessment programme with one of my MS's.  

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and reading all of your measages.

Sian :)
#11 - September 01, 2003, 04:34 PM

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Hey, all!  I'm Anne Marie--some of you know me from Yella and from chat.  Verla, I've been checking your site every day since you said this message board would be coming up soon and I'm thrilled that it's here.  Thank you!

I write mostly middle-grade fiction but I dabble in everything for middle-grade readers and younger.  I've been writing my whole life (haven't we all?) but writing seriously for publication for 18 months and I've had some success so far.

I took the summer off from writing my middle-grade novel and now that school is back in session, I'm back to work revising.  That's my major project right now.

I'm also active in SCBWI and am heading up an effort for an SCBWI workshop in our city that's being held three weeks from now.  We have great speakers and we're all really excited.

Thanks again, Verla.

Anne Marie
#12 - September 01, 2003, 05:49 PM
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VAMPIRINA BALLERINA series (Disney-Hyperion)
GROUNDHUG DAY (Disney-Hyperion, 2017)
among others


I've been Jen on the yella and was jen on the live chat until the chat decided it hated me enough to change my name to "slacker" every time I signed in, so now I'm jen_ (clever, huh?  Sadly, it took me about a week to come up with that solution)

I'm youngish and write primarily MG and YA contemporary fantasy, usually not too heavy on the fantastical elements end.  I do a little work with picture book texts, and I'm currently working on starting a children's lit mag at my university.

I'm a libra who likes long walks on the beach...

#13 - September 01, 2003, 05:51 PM


Greetings and Salutations, Goodly Folk!

I'm a relatively-fledgling writer, with one children's story and one holiday story to my credit.  I've been fairly active on the CW list, adn I'm a co-manager at the Children's Book Writer's Cafe on MSN groups.  Unlike most of the folk here it seems, I am/was not a regular on the Yella Board.  

I'm currently taking the ICL course, and this week I start my new job as a school photographer. (probably a temporary job until I find something in my field - multimedia/web development)

I'm working on my web site, which will include technical tips for writers as well as information on my own writing as my portfolio expands.  Keep an eye out for announcements regarding, which for now is just my profesional resume.

#14 - September 01, 2003, 07:44 PM


Another Kate heard from! I'm a former newspaper reporter living temporarily in Labrador, Newfoundland  (husband's job) and love it. I write YA and non-fiction, have publishing credits in children's magazines (Carus) and education publishers.

Looks like a great board, Verla. Thanks!

#15 - September 01, 2003, 08:16 PM


Hi all

I'm a mostly-regular in the kidlit chat room. I like to write all sorts of things, from picture books through midgrades and YA's to adult fiction and non-fiction. I've had a few things published (no books . . . yet!), including a short story in Storyteller: Canada's Short Story Magazine, which won third prize in their annual contest in 2002. I also have some forthcoming pieces.

I like to travel -- when I can afford it -- and have been to Egypt and Taiwan. This year my husband and kids and I  took a cross-Canada trip as far as Ottawa. We did lots of interesting stuff along the way, like watching the RCMP Sgt. Major's parade in Regina.

I'm currently a Brownies Guider; and I'm a former library technician -- which is why all the books in my personal library are in DDC order (which greatly amuses my friends...)

#16 - September 01, 2003, 08:28 PM

Cassandra Whetstone

Hi Everyone,

I recognize many of you from CW, Yeller, and the kidlit chat room. I'm in California and writing mainly pbs. I'm a former teacher and literacy consultant, and am currently a stay-at-home-mom for my two small babes.

Thanks for setting this up, Verla. Glad to be here!

#17 - September 01, 2003, 10:28 PM

Amy M.

I'm Amy Moreno, an illustrator/writer (more of a beginner at writing for kids). I'm a Mom of three young kids.
I'm busy working on some illos, as well as some stories for kids.
I'm on the CW list, and PB list,as well as some other great groups for illustrators. This looks like a great board!!
Amy M
#18 - September 02, 2003, 06:41 AM


Hi Everyone,

I am a lurker.  I have been following the Yahoo message boards and the SCBWI for some time.  This new one looks like it could be great.  Thanks Verla!

Anyway,  I have been writing for kids for several years, have had some success with magazine fiction (Spider, Ladybug, and various religious mags) and am forever working on picture books but no acceptances there yet.  I do feel good about personal rejections on many of them, tho, so I won't give up.  I just finished revising my first YA novel and have begun submitting.  I started a new novel and have found that I might (might) love writing YA's more than picture books.  I write contemporary fiction.

I am married with one son who is a month shy of 13 and I am a Family Advocate in the largest elementary school in Minnesota.

That's me!  I look forward to being here!
#19 - September 02, 2003, 09:01 AM


Hello!  I'm Lisa Edwards.  I'm from Old Yeller too (lisaj).  Nice to see many familiar faces and meet new ones too!  And thanks to Verla Kay for this place.  I've been in serious need of a good place to procrastinate!

I've had one story accepted by Ladybug, although it hasn't been published yet.  I hope to be working with soon, as they are seriously considering one of my stories.  Other than that, I've got an impressive stack of rejections for pbs- a few are encouraging, personal ones.  I'm currently revising an mg and dreaming up more plot for another.

I'm a mom of 2 young teenage boys.  All those who know what this is like, send prayers and good wishes for my tentative grip on sanity.
#20 - September 02, 2003, 09:22 AM


Hi, I'm Karin!

I am from the Kansas City area and write for both adults and children.  I write devotional stuff for adults, have written for quarterly devotionals & Sun. school publications.  

I also write fiction and Bible stories for children.  My first success in the children's market came this summer with a recent acceptance on a story for Clubhouse.  I had been working really hard to get a ms this editor liked, and had pretty much given up on it.  Then out of the blue he contacted me and told me to run with one of my previous ideas that I had pitched to him months ago.  What a figured was a hopeless contact, eventually resulted in a sale.

I am excited to talk with other children's writers as I really need to get a jump start and keep my writing going.  I am focusing mainly on magazine markets for now, though I also have chapter book and picture book ms's lying around waiting for some attention.  I've been writing for about 2-3 years.  

Great to 'meet' you all and thanks Verla Kay for setting this up.
#21 - September 02, 2003, 10:26 PM


Well, after lurking on the Yellow Board for an embarrassingly long time, I'm finally coming out of hiding here. (Ta-da! You're all thrilled, aren't you? ;)) The posters there have been so generous with their thoughts and experiences, and I'm grateful to them.

I'm ridiculously shy, but I do want to be part of this community, so I will try to muster up the courage to contribute to conversations here. (And at the Yellow Board, when it's up again!)

I live in Oregon with my two small ones and my not-small husband and two well-fed cats.

I write picture books, mostly, but I've started a middle-grade. Writing and words have been passions all my life, and I've always known I would write for children.

I started submitting a year ago, and so far, I haven't had success. (I was always positive that I'd be accepted, rapturously, on my first try. Oh, well!)

I really am looking forward to making friends with you all. Thank you, Verla Kay, for all that you do!

#22 - September 03, 2003, 11:25 AM

Jen K.

Hey everybody!

I'm Jennifer, also a regular on Yella though I've been lurk, lurk, lurk-ing around lately trying to get some writing done.  Then the durn thing went and broke!  I live in Atlanta and write mostly PBs and emergent/early readers.  Some rhyming, some not.  I also have an MG underway.

It's good to 'see' everyone.  Thanks, Verla!

#23 - September 03, 2003, 04:27 PM


Hi everyone,
I'm Barbara Kanninen, "barb" from the Yella, and I write pbs, magazine stories and, on occasion, poetry.  Thanks, Verla, for setting up this awesome message board.  I was really missing the Yella!
#24 - September 03, 2003, 04:28 PM

Barbara E.

I've been reading all the posts and I've found 3 from people I know.  8) I'm a member of CW, YA-authors, and ScribbleandScribe.(Hi Agy, Alessia, and Maggie) :)  I write MG fantasy, YA fiction, and adult short stories.  I'm in the beginning of revising my YA novel, and I've had 3 adult stories published online.  I'm also a teacher, but at the present time I'm not working so I'm hoping to devote more of my time to revising my novel.

I live in New York state in Westchester.  But lately the weather here is more like that of the West Coast.  Today it was misty and rainy.

Again thank you Verla for starting this board.  I love my critique groups, but it's fun to chat back and forth like this. :)

Barbara E.
#25 - September 04, 2003, 12:02 AM



My name is Vicky and I live in New Hampshire. I just recently decided to write my children's book and try to get it published. I am so glad I found this chat board. I am looking for thoughts, advice etc....

#26 - September 04, 2003, 10:59 AM


Hey there,
My name is Josh Ernstrom and I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I work in the Film Industry as a production assistant and when I have wait...when I make time, I write screenplays and children's books.  I'm still new at the whole kid's books thing, so I love to read what the pros have to say.  Next to writing, I think it's the best way to learn.
Thanks ahead of time for letting me be part of this board, and thanks to those that set it up!

Josh "I can't sit still" Ernstrom
#27 - September 04, 2003, 03:34 PM

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Hi, all!  So this is where everyone went!  Thanks, Verla, for setting this up.  

I'm Pam from the yeller board.  I write for magazines and books.  I have an emergent coming out this fall by Seedling Publications so that makes this a good year for me although I've been seeing lots of rejection lately.  I hate that!

Glad to see old and new faces around here.  Almost like home.
#28 - September 05, 2003, 07:13 AM

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Whew! Feels like I've been stranded on a desert island recently. Thanks, Verla, for the lifeboat. And Agy, thanks for the rescue flare.

Verla, I've enjoyed browsing your wonderful site and reading transcripts from time to time.

I'm Barb but, as you can see, it's a very popular name; so you can just call me dinoknees.

I recently finished my first  novel, a MG. I submitted it and received my first official novel rejection.  I'm trying to train my dog to eat rejection letters -- to him life is an eat-all-you-can buffet -- but he just looks at them with disgust and asks for a tummy rub.

Good to see the familiar faces and nice to meet the new ones.

#29 - September 05, 2003, 08:53 PM

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Hey all,

My name is Laurel and I started working on a mg (my first) last fall.  Before that I was (and am) a poet.  I also write for a few magazines (non-kid) and I edit/read for a few poetry litmags.  I love in Iowa and I work as the Jewish Student Life Coordinator (ie program director) at the University of Iowa Hillel.  I'm revising said mg, and I've got a few pbs in the works.

Verla rawks!

#30 - September 06, 2003, 05:37 PM


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