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Submitting Poems & Artwork Together?

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I have recently been writing and creating artwork for some poems I plan to submit to Spider magazine. I made color copies of the artwork and set the text inside the artwork much like the poems are reproduced in the pages of Spider magazine. Is this a no-no?

I know some publishers have problems with writers submitting artwork by other people, it seems if you are a writer/illustrator they may make an exception, but otherwise they would rather handle the artwork on their own. Does this hold true in the magazine world as well?

I myself see no problem doing this as they would get a good idea of what the finished work would look like, but maybe they would like people to submit the words to an editor and the art to an art director. I may submit a copy of the text only, plus a copy of the text with artwork.  Has any one else sent them the full word/artwork duo? 

Thanks for your time.
#1 - October 09, 2006, 02:20 PM


Hi, Gregor. As the former editor of Spider, I think I might just be qualified to answer this question. :) I don't know much about you other than what your post indicates, so I'm going on the assumption that you're a professional illustrator. (If I'm wrong and you're a dabbler/hobbyist, please know that you should NEVER submit non-professional illustrations! Doing so very well could be the Kiss of Death for both your illustrations and text.) Standard operating procedure at Carus dictates, in general, separately submitted illos and text. However, over the years, I did accept several poem/illo submissions. The bottom line was that if the illo and the poem caught my eye, I just "ran" with both. So there are basically no hard-and-fast rules for this at Carus. Just make sure that both the illustration and the poem are strong enough to make an incredible impression if they were to stand alone.

Heather Delabre
#2 - October 18, 2006, 10:16 AM


Now that's why I come here for! Thank you Litrinity for your advice! 

I think my artwork will be strong enough to stand on it's own, my main concern was that my submissions would be rejected for having illustrations sent with the poems.  Thanks again!!
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