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Has anyone ever submitted a serial to Cricket? I have noticed they've had them in certain issues, but am unsure of the guidelines. I currently have a 2400 word piece that I think would work well with them, but after whittling down to the bare minimum it is still 400 words over their usual story word count. It has a potential cliff-hanger around the middle, but is a two-parter to short for a serial? (I think the last one I noticed in there was 4 parts.) Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
#1 - November 24, 2006, 12:29 PM


Hi there!  Total newbie to the list here.

I sent Cricket a two-part serial 12 months ago--3000 words total, around 1500 words per part.  It's gone through two revisions--so they're clearly interested even in two-part stories--but they're still hanging fire on their decision (since the second revision, in March).  I've been working with D. Vetter on this one.  As a note, I sent the first part along first, and DV said "we love this, but it reads like the first chapter of a novel" (which it is!  Busted!).  So they asked me to write the second part in order to complete the plot arc of the first part.  That is to say, the two-part serial was their idea.

I queried again in May, still no word. 

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I've had three longer stories accepted for Cricket --one was made into a four-issue serialization, the others became two-part stories. I just sent them in as they were and let the editors determine if and where they should be cut and continued. Cricket usually includes more than one continued story in each issue.
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Thanks, guys! I guess I will give it a shot.
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