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Tips on Making Time

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A few tips

-  Prioritize - Figure out what is really important and what can wait until later.

-  Set up a regular writing schedule. Keep it realistic and don’t set out three hours every day if you know you’ll only have one.

-  If the children are bugging for you to play with them set a timer. Tell them if they give you till the buzzer goes off to write you’ll stop and do something special with them. While the timer is on give them a movie to watch or set up a little ‘work station for them’ a child’s computer, or some craft things or play dough – that way they’re still near by while you write and they feel like they’re working too.

-  Keep a notepad with you at all times and take notes while you’re doing other things so when you actually get time to sit down at the computer you’re ready to write and know where you’re going.

-  Remove the games from your computer or write where you CANNOT get online. Writers boards, Live Journal and other blogs as well as email lists are fantastic but not if you have to check all the time and ‘forget’ to write.

-  Keep everything you need to write with close at hand so you’re not running all over the place to get them.

-  Mostly though it's just get your butt in the chair and write book.
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