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Hi everyone,

Please do not post email address or contact info on agents or editors. The board--especially the response times sections--is not meant to be a marketing directory. There are other places on the web where a person might find this info while researching.

#1 - January 10, 2007, 11:31 AM
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I second Shirley's statement.  The problem with posting other people's contact info here is that we get SO many readers--many of them anonymous "Guests" and they might use our board (esp. our RT area) the wrong way--by sending off email queries or submissions willy-nilly to whatever agent or ed. they can get an email for, because emailing someone is so easy. 

I shudder every time I see someone "shopping" for an agent off the RT--Agents area.  Now and then we'll get someone asking over and over in different threads "How can I reach them?"  "What's their email?"  "Does anyone have the contact info?"  It's obvious when someone has posted this in 10 different agent threads on the same day that they are planning a mass-emailing to agents they've never heard of before.  "Fresh meat!" they say.  "Might as well give it a try!"  This kind of spamming of agents, courtesy the Big Blue "Get Your Emails Here!" Board, is NOT popular with those on the receiving end.  And it can give us a bad name.

Yes, use the RT area for your education.  Learn about a new agency.   Then do your research and submit with planning and care!  Don't be one of the masses who make houses and agencies close their doors.

That's why we don't need to provide contact information here.  We're a discussion group, not a market guide.  There are many other places to get contact info on and offline.  You also have the option of PMing another member to ask if they'd share contact info with you, though if you do this too much, it may not be welcome either.  Try as much as possible to do your own homework.  And if you see others who don't want to do theirs, maybe kindly point out to them a place where they can start.
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