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Oliver Nocturne #6 The Triad of Finity

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The concluding book in the Oliver Nocturne series, The Triad of Finity, by Kevin Emerson, is published by Corey's Room Press. This middle grade action adventure is perfect for children ages 8-12. It encompasses a great paranormal thriller without the gore and horror of older YA books.

First off, a personal thank you to Kevin for finishing the series. After reading the first five books, published by Scholastic, I despaired when I learned they weren't coming out with the conclusion. What about Emalie? What is the triad? Will Oliver open the gate? Thank goodness he decided to self publish book 6.

The Story- Oliver Nocturne, boy vampire, along with his best friends, zombie Dean and Orani Emalie, strive to save the world by thwarting a prophecy that speaks of an anointed one who will open the Nexia gate and free vampires, while destroying every living thing on Earth.

My Thoughts- This book was so good. It is slightly longer than the first five because Kevin wrapped up the series in this novel, but still it's only 250 pages, a perfect read for upper middle grade. We finally get to the budding romance between Oliver and Emalie, so sweet. The question as to what exactly is the triad of finity is carefully hidden until the end, pulling you through page by page, and then the whole purpose of the series in wrapped up nicely. I was so happy things turned out the way they did, I always liked Oliver's vampire parents, in earlier books I did question whether they'd chose Oliver or Half-light. And then, we finally get to the Nexia gate and Oliver's big choice. I wondered through the entire series what exactly the gate was, would opening it really destroy humanity or would it have a whole other outcome. It was so mysterious, the entire 6 books held the secret well.

My advice- Your children have probably already picked up one of the Oliver Nocturne books at a Scholastic book fair, give them a treat and head to Amazon to buy the concluding book six. Because it is not published by Scholastic, book six will need publicity to announce its presence. So spread the word and buy the book, the entire series even.

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