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EcoCrafts Creative Costumes, published by Houghton Mifflin in 2007, is a colorful, easy to follow soft cover book of simple but very dramatic costumes for kids to make out of recycled materials commonly found around the home.

The "Getting Started" pages show pictures of basic craft supplies needed for the costumes in the book. Things like scissors, needles, thread, glue, paint, a brush, pencil, pen, ruler, etc.  It shows in clear detail how to sew simple stitches, how to make a square knot, and how to trace a picture. 

Details of how to make each costume is shown in great detail with photographs of the steps in full color. Kids use cardboard, old wire hangers, cereal boxes, large plastic bags, plastic bottles, and material including old T-shirts and socks, etc. to make impressive costumes.  Some of my personal favorites are the mermaid, the skull and bones, the knight, and the pirate costumes.

There are even a couple of half-sized templates in the back for making the cat face and the dragon's head. (Enlarge them 200% on a copy machine for full-sized templates to cut out and trace.)

This book will allow children to make their own impressive costumes (with some help from an adult, depending on the child's age and talents) and is definitely a great resource book to have in any home. 

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