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Of course, UNINVITED is the stellar YA of our own, Amanda Marrone, whose Live Journal blog is: And it ROCKS!!!!!!!   :bat:

Okay--I'll admit it--I'd read the manuscript.  So I had to wonder...  Would I still get a thrill out of reading the ARC?  YES!!!!!  In fact, reading it in book form, in the eerie quiet of the night, snuggled up in bed...  Well...  IT FREAKED ME OUT!!!!  :faint:

UNINVITED tells the first person narrative of Jordan as she battles her own feelings along with the pressures of keeping a certain vampire ex-boyfriend out of her room.  There he sits, as handsome as ever, in the tall oak by her second story window...  Forced to obey sunset's curfew, Jordan finally succumbs to her friends' pleas and begging by going to a party with them--and the bat hits the fan.  :bat:

Want to know what I most appreciated about this vampire story?  Its realism.  Yeah, I said it.  REALISM.

Jordan is not some "never-knew-she-was-an-undead-crime-fighter-until-just-now" main character.  She's REAL.  She parties too hard, makes unwise choices, has best friends to hang with and parents to complain about, talks the talk of any teen I've ever known (myself included all those years ago ;-D ), is more attractive than some, less so than others, feels insecure walking the school halls by herself, and has regrets and dreams and crushes. Whew!  Jordan is one well-rounded MC!  And I loved every minute of discovering that fact.

You know, I think that fact...that Jordan is so what freaked me out the most about that vampire ex-boyfriend of hers...  I mean, how could you, or I, or Jordan for that matter, fight against the undead? 

Exactly.   :bat:
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