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Red Glass

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Laura Resau's YA novel, Red Glass, is a touching journey story set in Arizona, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Sophie's dad receives a call from the hospital in the middle of the night. Pablo, a little boy from Mexico, is the sole survivor of an illegal desert crossing over the American border, and the name of Sophie's Dad is in his pocket.

Her family cares for the traumitized Principito, or Little Prince, as Sophie calls him, for a year before learning the boy has family in Mexico. Sophie journeys with her eccentric Aunt Dika, Dika's boyfriend, and his teenaged son, Angel, through Central America in order to reunite Pablo with his kin.

During their remarkable trip and Sophie's exciting journey to Guatemala to rescue Angel and his father, Sophie grows in wisdom (as her name implies) and dares to let herself love, even when it seems most dangerous.

Sophie's story encourages readers not only to appreciate the familiar qualities we find in others, but to embrace the differences that might normally keep us apart. RED GLASS is carefully crafted--beautiful and very sharp.
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