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Creating Word Search Puzzles

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I just had a question.  Does anyone have experience in sending in word searches to magazines?  I have an idea for a simple wordsearch but I wasn't sure if I included the picture outline that I would put the wordsearch in.  Does that make sense?  Or do I just include in the cover letter what picture I was thinking of including around the wrodsearch and leave the actual picture up to their illustrators?

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear!
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I'm not sure how they want puzzles submitted, but if you want to send a ready-made one you can Google "puzzles" and find places that will create them for you.  One such is  You have to register, but it's free.  I've made wordsearch and crossword puzzles for a couple of Teacher Guides for a couple of my books.  It's fun and easy!   :)
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Thanks for your help!
I have seen submission guidelines on submitting puzzles for some magazines, and they say to submit the puzzle and answers.  But, I just didn't know about any artwork around the puzzle????   ???

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Paw Prints,
My advice would be to include the picture outline if you have it and state in your cover letter that it's just a possibility and that they should feel free to develop the artwork however they choose. [or something along those lines]  I even did that with the shape poem I subbed to Highlights and it was accepted.

Best wishes to you,
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