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Hi, Everyone,

We've had some questions come up about what is okay to post on the Off Topic board and what isn't, so I thought I'd clarify it for everyone. 

It's fine to post anything off topic here -- as long as it's suitable for kids to see and doesn't hurt anyone or cause hard feelings.  (You all know how important "fair play" is to me on this board!)

If you are posting a link to a site that might have content NOT suitable for kids to see, please be sure to ONLY post that link in this section of the board AND put this disclaimer in the subject line -- Not Suitable for Kids.   :offtopic

Example:  I post a topic with a URL that has some content somewhere on the site that some parents wouldn't want their young children to see -- it might be sexual content or whatever, but in this case, it's drug related.  I believe it would be helpful to people who are dealing with drug abuse problems or want to write a book about drug abuse and need factual information, so I post the URL in the Off Topic section, putting something like this in the subject line, "Drug Abuse Problems URL - Not Suitable for Kids."

This will allow parents to not accidentally click on potentially unsuitable sites when their young children are in their laps or standing nearby.

If you aren't sure if a site is suitable, please ask one of the Moderators to check it out before posting its URL.  If they aren't sure, they will take it to the Administrators, who will make a decision about it.

Thanks for keeping our board clean and safe, Everyone!  :love
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