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A tale of teenage love and the power of emotion and time, Ava must learn to deal with the sudden death of her beloved boyfriend, Jackson. But when Jackson re-enters Ava's life, through radio, dreams, and fleeting images in mirrors, Ava  must not only learn how to keep him a secret--she must also learn to deal with the guilt she feels over his death. A moving tale of the power of love, I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME examines what happens when the one you love comes back--when you must face the realization that gone doesn't necessarily mean forgotten, and when you must decide whether to remain rooted to your past, or allow yourself to spread your own wings and create a future for yourself.

Ava's journey is believable and emotional. Though she wishes Jackson could remain in her life forever, Ava must come to terms with the harsh realities of life, death, rememberence, and moving on. It is a moving story in a unique format that I highly recommend to teen and adult readers.
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