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I just received my SCBWI Bulletin and noticed that Enslow Publishers is giving special consideration to mss. of historical fiction from unagented authors for a short period ending May 23rd. They want American history stories for readers aged 9-12 with a length of 33,000-34,000 words.  Does anyone have any experience with them or about them?  Are they typically agented only?  It looks to me like they print mostly for the library/school trade and they've handled mostly non-fiction the past, but I'm just sort of making a guess from their website.

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Enslow does do mostly NF, for library/school, although sometimes you'll see a title in the bookstore, so I think they have more trade inroads than some educatoinal publishers. I don't think they deal much with agented authors. A lot of NF authors do work for hire, and some royalty, books for them, without agents.

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Diane already said pretty much what I was going to...  :nothing
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Harold Underdown

The Purple Crayon, a children's book editor's site:


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