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Guidelines say include clips?

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I have a question.  When a mag pub asks for clips to be sent in to be considered for future work, what exactly are they talking about?
Are they talking about parts of stories you have written or full articles?  Can previously published work be used? Or does it have to be brand new.
Just curious.
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This thread will probably be moved to the magazine section instead of the response times, but I'll go ahead and give an answer in the meantime.

My understanding is that they're asking for samples of previously published work.  If you've never been published, you could probably send some samples of other writing.

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oops!  Sorry!  I didn't realize I was in the wrong place.  I will post in the right place. 
Thanks for your help!
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When a publisher asks to see clips, what they normally mean is that they want you to send them copies of your published works in another publication (that relate closely to the kind of article that you are submitting/querying for them). You can do this in one of two ways. You can photocopy the magazine article in question (I tend to do this one). OR you may choose to actually send a tear-sheet (torn out page) from the magazine. I'm sorry, but I don't like to send my actual "contributors copy" of the magazine.

From the way you phrased your question, I am assuming (dangerous thing to do I know) that you have been publlished before. ONLY use previously published work. Don't send a WIP.  (all that being said, I have had some editors tell me <read betewen the lines, I spoke to them on the telephone>  to send sample writing that I thought was targeted to their mag - and TWICE I have landed writing assignments because of it). If you don't have something that is similar to what you would like to send them (are querying for), choose something else that you have written that you believe is REALLY incredible writing that shows you have read their magazine and know how they get their message across.

If I've just rambled, I blame it entirely on lack of sleep and I think that I've just hit the giddy, giggly stage. It's better than the crying / yelling stage.  And if I have utterly confused you, let me know and I will try to answer you tomorrow (when I have hopefully had more sleep than the past few nights).

Maude  :broccoli

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You totally make sense.  Thanks!  That really clears it up.  I agree with you.  I would rather photocopy the articles.  I want to keep my original mags in one piece!
Thank you, get some rest!! :typing
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I've been successful with a combination. I include a photocopy of something that is published, and then if it doesn't really reflect the writing style of the magazine I'm sending to, I also include a sample of that writing style.
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