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How do you write?

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I write everything on my laptop. My kids are paperaholics and no notebook in the house is safe. When I first get an idea, I write it into an idea file (usually because I am working on something else at the time.) Next I work the idea out in my head. Usually, by the time I sit down to write the idea is pretty fleshed out. I then open a background file and spend a couple of days writing down all my ideas about the characters and settings and coming up with names. I hate that part. I am terrible about naming (I even hated naming my kids), but I find I cannot really write about a character until I know his/her name. After all that, I outline the story by chapters (this changes as I write) and get to work. I am always a slow starter with about five to ten versions of the first chapter (even though I know I am going to rewrite the whole beginning after the finish anyway). But once I get things started everything goes pretty steadily. I keep everything in a computer file named after the main character of the story (I hate doing titles even more that I hate naming characters), and everytime I start a new draft of a chapter or I revise it, I open a new file. I use alphabet letters after the chapter title to keep things straight. I generate a ton of material by the time I have a finished draft, but I have found that the older versions are really useful during the revising stage. I have often pulled things from them that I initially wrote out, but now they work.
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