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Hi folks -

I'm designing business cards for myself and I'm not sure what personal information to include on my cards.  I have cards that allow printing on both sides.  The first design I've got mimics my website -  my name, and "Writing for Children."  Below that, I've got my email and website addy and my quote "A lifetime of learning begins with a book" placed above the photo of my baby girl's toes peeking out from under a book.  I don't have a dedicated phone number for my writing - should I include our home phone number as my contact number, or is the email/website (which also has a contact link) enough? 

Also, should I include my own photo?  I read in another thread on these boards that some authors like to have a photo of themselves, so that people remember them.  I'd rather not put my photo on the front, but I thought the back side might be a good place for that, along with my genres, publication credits, etc?  I just don't want it to get too busy, y'know?

Any thoughts?  :eh2

Susie :D

#1 - June 02, 2008, 11:28 AM

I had a hard time putting together my business cards too. :gaah I was trying to fit all my contact info: physical address, phone, web addresses; and it just wasn't working. Finally I realized(when somebody pointed it out) that I didn't have to have everything on there!

I think you should put whatever you're comfortable with on your business card. Who will you be giving them to? Do you want everyone to have your home phone number? You can always jot your number on your card for people you want to have it.

My card has:

My name

email addy
blog addy

On the back I have a shory blurb about my new book and the release date.

I remember reading that thread about putting a photo on your business card and it sounds like it could be helpful, again, its whatever you're comfortable with. I do think keeping your business card uncluttered and making it look professional is key. Pick what is most important.
#2 - June 02, 2008, 08:25 PM


Since I usually got 500 at a time and we moved a lot, I only put the contact info that stays the same: email and website. Because I didn't toss them out randomly, I usually was at a conference where people knew what I did, or handed one out at a conversation with someone. So the first thing they do is go to my website ( which is on the card) and all other info is there.  Simple is better.
#3 - June 03, 2008, 03:38 AM


Thanks, you two!  I like the idea of leaving the phone number off, and jotting it down if need be.  AndI agree, the simpler, the better.

In the other thread, someone said they include their card with each submission - I found that interesting.  I'd be willing to bet most of those get tossed though, don't you think?  Maybe I'd include one after I made a sale, so they could keep me in mind for future use. ;)

Susie :D
#4 - June 04, 2008, 12:26 PM

My husband printed some simple ones for me.  I forgot to take them with me to the SCBWI Oregon conference and was jotting down my email address for people I met (new and old friends) over and over again.  ( :stars - duh!)

Plus, I wouldn't mail them but that's just me.
#5 - June 04, 2008, 12:31 PM


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