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Highlights - What is a "little covered time period?"

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Highlights says they are looking for stories about "little covered time periods."  Anyone know which time periods they are referring too?

#1 - June 03, 2008, 08:13 PM
Stacy Barnett Mozer
NE-SCBWI Critique Group Coordinator

I would assume they get a lot of stories set during wartimes like the Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc. and set during major events or catastrophes like The Depression, The Gold Rush...all those exciting events with capital letters.  :D They probably hope to read some stories set in fresh locals and time periods that just don't get covered as often because they're not as well known. The historical they accepted from me was set in Iceland during the 900s. Is there an obscure historical event or incident that interests you, but one that rarely gets attention? I find that reading popular history books like Daniel Boorstin's THE DISCOVERERS helps generate my interest in various periods and events, many of which are "little covered."


ETA: I think it also helps if you have a story set in a more familiar period to come at it from a fresh or "little covered" perspective or local, so that it feels unique.
#2 - June 04, 2008, 09:56 AM
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You should also check out back issues to see what they get a lot of...

I think Depression and Pioneers are the two really popular ones right now...

 Also, research your time period well to give it a really good sense of setting... even if you can't include all your fun facts in the story, it will help you think like the characters and add a few details to really place it....

And make sure the story is really rooted in the time period.  Don't take a modern story and just change the scenery--- let your story grow organically from the time and people you choose.....

FWIW, the one I just sold was set in early colonial Massachusetts (1rst and second generation Puritans)-- I wrote it mostly because of my interest in Anne Bradstreet. =)

I've also noticed that the historical fiction that Calkins Creek publishes is really place/time dependent too... so  make sure your story really HAS to be historical fiction......
#3 - June 04, 2008, 10:25 AM


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