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Review of "The Adventures of Lily"

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Title: The Adventures of Lily

Author: Darcy J Busch

Genre: Children's Short Stories

Length: 120 pages


The Adventures of Lily by Darcy J. Busch is a delightful book of children's short stories.  Lily, a young girl with a panache for solving mysteries, is accompanied by her best friend, Nick, in a series of strange mysteries that take place in their hometown.  Filled with genuine situations, and a true childlike curiosity, The Adventures of Lily is a delight from beginning to end.  I will happen to share these tales with my six year old nephew soon.


This is a four **** star book.


Review by: B.B. Walter


 Darcy J. Busch
#1 - June 13, 2008, 12:31 PM


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