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Well, it only took me about a year to finish assignment #2 for ICL, but I was thrilled to receive very positive notes in response from my instructor and her encouragement that I submit it to a magazine.  It is 1,000 words, so even though I wish I could send it to Highlights I have done all the cutting I can (about 500 words!) and really can't get rid of more without taking away from the story.  I have decided to send it to Spider, and I want to be sure that I do it right.  What information do I include in a cover letter?  Do I mention that I am an ICL student?  Do I put ALL my contact information- address, phone and email?  If so where on the letter- under my signature?  At the head?  If anyone has a link or a template for a magazine sub cover letter that would be REALLY helpful.  Thanks everyone! :)
#1 - July 09, 2008, 02:30 PM

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

This is what I do:

(503) 233-****

July 9, 2008

Ms. ****
New York, NY 10020

   RE:  ******

Dear Ms. ****:


   If you are interested, and would like to see some of my published clips, please visit  If you would like to see more clips, please let me know. 

   Thank you for your time.


Kim Kasch

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Thanks Kim, that is really helpful!!
#3 - July 09, 2008, 03:13 PM

No problem.  I'm sure there are lots of ways to do it but that's the way I query.
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A couple of other wonderings I forgot to add- staple or paper clip?  If paper clip, page number, title and name on each page?  Where? Attach cover letter or keep it separate??  I feel so ignorant here...  :stars
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Here are Spider's guidelines:

They ask that you not query, but send the entire manuscript (just include a brief cover letter.)

I always send manuscript pages loose, under the cover letter.

Good luck!
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Kim gave some great advice but I wanted to answer your other questions as well. Here's what I do for Spider.

Cover letter:

State, City, Zip
E-mail     (all this in a header )

Editor's Name
Publication Name
Pub Address.....


Dear Mr./Mrs.....,

Intro paragraph---A few quick sentences that introduce my story, word count, genre, etc....

Paragraph about my writing credits or any relevant background info that might pertain to this submission. (If I'm writing about Basenji dogs, I might mention I own a few and volunteer for Basenji Rescue groups). If it's not relevant, skip it. If you don't have writing credits, skip it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Shannon *****

Then behind it I included my manuscript since Spider likes to see full manuscripts. Double space your manuscript and put your name, address, phone, e-mail in a header on the first page. Also include the word count on the first page. On the following pages the header can simply be your last name (comma) Title and page number.

Don't forget your SASE for a reply.

No staples, no paper clips, no fancy doodling (well, unless your an illustrator sending clips).

Good luck!

 :hijacked Kim, you live less than two miles from my MIL. Oh dear, is that her running down the street again after her dog?  :dr
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Congrats, Mandy! Is this the piece that I read? I  :love that story.  :goodluck with Spider!

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Lenzi- I guess the post is still here... did someone figure out a way to revive it from the dead??? :)  And yes, it is the story you read for me Ruth- thanks again for your help and encouragement!!!  How is your story coming?  Are you keeping it short or developing it more??  I have mine down to 1008 words finally! :)  I was really proud of that, because on the first go round it always seems like nothing is disposable and I'll NEVER be able to cut enough! :stuck  From what I'm reading here it seems the Bug magazines have been none too reliable as of late... and their supposed new websites still read "Website coming late May 2008!".... ummmm..... well, hopefully I hear back from them in the next year or so anyway!
#9 - July 11, 2008, 10:24 AM

Oh--the original post stayed put, but you had posted another time, and I was responding when I accidentally overwrote it and then deleted it. (Because I am an occasional nitwit with moderator powers I have not completely mastered yet.) Thanks for your patience.  :moose And good luck with Spider.
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