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Meeting Alfred Kropp in THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ALFRED KROPP was extraordinary! Then I eagerly read ALFRED KROPP THE SEAL OF SOLOMON, wondering what could surpass the thrill of Alfred first stealing, then losing, and then recovering Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword. The author, Rick Yancey, didn’t let the reader down. Alfred was forced to fight demons! So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to read ALFRED KROPP THE THIRTEENTH SKULL!

I’ve rated this book 6+, as I have his first two titles, but with a caveat. Mr. Yancey pulls no punches when describing the violence and clear danger Alfred faces. I do not doubt that younger readers will devour the Alfred Kropp books, but parents will want to use their discretion.

Mr. Yancey doesn’t even let the reader get good and comfy in their favorite reading chair before relentlessly yanking them to the proverbial edge of their seat. The first chapter starts with a bang – literally. A truck blows up beneath Alfred’s new penthouse suite window, on the 30th floor of Samson Towers. In short order one man is shot and Alfred is fighting for his life with his attacker. Soon the two are racing to the ground floor, one by express elevator, the other by parachute. And Mr. Yancey’s not done yet. There’s still a police car to commandeer, complete with the surprised officer at the wheel, a car chase through city streets, and yet another explosion.

Once again Alfred is sucked back into the OIPEP. But can he trust the new Operative Nine? What about the beautiful new field agent? And who is trying to kill Alfred, and more importantly, why?

First it was Excalibur, then the Seal of Solomon. Both times he nearly lost his life. Now it’s the Thirteenth Skull. Alfred knows that this time it will be different. Samuel, the former Operative Nine and now Alfred’s guardian, is not reassuring. Alfred must find out what the Thirteenth Skull is. The clock is ticking and Alfred knows his time is about up.

I absolutely will not tell you more. You MUST, MUST, MUST go buy ALFRED KROPP THE THIRTEENTH SKULL. But only after you buy and read his first two titles as this series is best read in order. Mr. Yancey has created a cast of characters equal to the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. I can’t wait to see Alfred Kropp’s adventures on the big screen!

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