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Fiona and her three best friends are about to embark on a graduation cruise to the Carribean, one last adventure together before they head their separate ways. On a whim, they agree to have their fortunes told by Madame Fortuna at the senior fair the night before departure. Madame Fortuna predicts strife and storms. Then, after turning over the DEATH card, she proclaims, “One of you will not come home.”

With trepidation, the girls set sail on the Temptress the following morning, each with their own expectations of what the week may bring. On a ship where no one knows them, they’re free to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. But will the bonds of their friendship be strong enough to hold them together through the storms and strife to come?

What follows is a delicious romp through a week of ship’s parties, dances, scrumptious food, and romance, even if it’s forbidden. The girls shop, they get a little sun, they indulge in full body massages, and oh yes, attract a lot of attention. Imagine, four beautiful, sexy, young women trolling the decks for fun.

Gaby Triana has done a beautiful job of creating four distinctly different, yet fascinating characters. That they are so close is both surprising and completely believable. I was intrigued when I read the blurb about the book at Gaby Triana’s web page and was not disappointed. With plenty of laughter, love, and tears, this is an engaging story of a voyage into adulthood and independence that should not be missed.

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