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Sometimes you just have to have a place to vent, ya know?

That’s why Libby Fawcett started her blog. She wrote about her most embarrassing moments, like when she caught her hair on fire in chemistry class right in front of Seth Jacobs! She posted an entry the day she found out her mom was dating someone and that it had been going on for months. She blogged about her morning breath that tasted like she’d “been eating socks” in her sleep and the pimple on her earlobe. And she wrote about her cousin Roger, who was crushing on her best friend Keisha. She wrote about everything. And why not? She’d taken precautions. The blog was set to private. No one else could see it. Could they?

Angel Rivera, Libby’s sworn enemy, torments Libby on a daily basis at school. When the girls discover their parents are dating one another, the harassment escalates. When Libby finds herself suspended after one of Angel’s pranks, she realizes that she’s being used to help break up their parents. Does she really want to cause her mother that much pain? Doing the right thing becomes even more difficult after Angel manages to turn the entire school against Libby.

SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT by Shana Norris is funny and engaging, a wonderful glimpse into the topsy-turvy emotions of a teen in love, who’s also dealing with a parent who’s dating and in love. I was only a few chapters in when my twelve-year-old daughter snagged my copy and read it straight through. She loved it! This first novel by Shana Norris is definitely “SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT!”

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Just curious, is the book written as blog entries or as traditional narrative?
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Just curious, is the book written as blog entries or as traditional narrative?

The book alternates blog entries and traditional narrative. It's told in first person in both cases, but the blog entries are designed to look like you're reading a blog, so you can easily tell them apart from the traditional chapters. :)

Thanks for the great review, Cana! :D
#4 - July 21, 2008, 05:22 AM

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Sounds like a fun book.  We'll look it up!
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I loved it, too. :)
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