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Morgy is going to music camp. It’s his first sleep away camp, and even though he’ll be in the fifth grade in the fall, he still thinks three weeks is an awfully long time. Plus he’ll miss his dog, Dante, and his cat, Pancake. But he is being allowed to go for free because he’s a promising beginner. And, as his dad says, “It’s not just for trumpet – it’s summer camp and you’ll love it.”

Once he arrives at Outlook Music Camp he unpacks in the Mozart cabin. He knows his friends, Byron and Clara, are also here in their cabins. Soon after his dad leaves Morgy is surrounded by music. His friends are placed in the band while he is stuck in the orchestra, along with Damien, the oboe player and camp bully. He and Byron both get lessons from the pretty Ms. Rapontin and Morgy gets a solo!

But Outlook Music Camp isn’t just about music. They play soccer and they get to canoe and swim. There are also soldiers marching by their cabins in the middle of the night. And why can Morgy see firelight in the distance? Why is the camp janitor pretending to be the famous London conductor, Mr. Shahboz? And why were Mrs. Profundo and the colonel talking about selling Outlook? Oh, and are there really bears?

MORGY’S MUSICAL SUMMER by Maggie Lewis is her third Morgy title. The black and white illustrations, drawn by Michael Chesworth, are full of action and expression. This delightful chapter book immerses the reader in the world of music. Kids already playing in band or orchestra will be thrilled to recognize the various instruments, the songs and their composers, as well as the many musical terms. As an added bonus, they will learn a little about Revolutionary War reenactors and General Blodgett’s Brigade.

Once they’ve finished MORGY’S MUSICAL SUMMER, readers will want to read Ms. Lewis’ first two Morgy titles, MORGY COAST TO COAST, and MORGY MAKES HIS MOVE.

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